-I am northern chick originally born and raised in the state of PA, who has fell in love with the sunshine state!
-I have the most amazing pups EVER. Pictured left to right. Nyah, Nooka, Nakai, and Nerrah.
-Before I was a photographer, I was a marine mammal trainer!
-Coffee is LIFE.
- My favorite color is yellow.
-I indulge in way too many cheese and wine dates (but is that even a thing LOL).
-I love long walks on the beach, I know super cliche but the ocean has my heart and just brings happiness to my soul. 
-I could literally eat ice cream everyday!
-There is always a reason to go to Target LOL
- Family & friends mean the world to me! 
-I believe in paying it forward.

I have the most amazing community
of #AKCouples!

Being drawn to become an AK Couple is so much more than having beautiful portraits. It is about the experience and having the only thing that can make time stand still, and some day when you look back on those images it will allow you to relive the best day of your life where your mom put your veil in your hair or how your the man of your dreams looked when he saw your for the first time on the best day of your lives.

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