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8 Details To Have Ready On Your Wedding Day

It is the day of your wedding and all the planning is finally all coming together. When you arrive to your bridal suite it is a time for you and your girls to get all dolled up and enjoy the process of you getting your hair and makeup done. Maybe you are blasting some of your favorite music while sipping on mimosas or reminiscing on your relationship. What you might not know that this is the time that most photographers (including myself) shoot your details. You might be thinking like what does that all entail? Well I have come up with a list to help you to prepare on your wedding day. That way when your photographer arrives, it is easiest to have everything ready together for them, so you can hand it off and continue to enjoy your morning with your bridesmaids!

1. Invitation Suite

Some people might think that it is just a piece of paper but it is the first thing your guests see related to your wedding day which sets the mood for your big day. Whether it be the colors you choose or the font, you made a conscious decision to pick out those details and they should be showcased!


2. Rings/Ring Boxes

The 3 most important things that symbolize your marriage. Make sure to bring all the rings with you, even your groom’s. Us as photographers are really great at making sure we give the rings to the best man after we are all done with them. An awesome touch is are personalized ring boxes. I love an elegant Mrs. Box! If you are an #AKCouple I do have my own supply of ring boxes that I use to match your wedding day colors.


3. Shoes

Ladies, we know how much we love our shoes! Whether you splurged for some Bella Belle Shoes or kept it simple with a nude heel they deserve to be photographed. They are just too pretty not too! We can’t forget about the guys too! Grooms make sure to set your shoes out for me as well because they bring your outfit all together for that sharp, dapper look.


4. Perfume/Cologne

This is probably one of my favorite tips of all time. Did you know that different scents are a huge memory trigger for us? I love recommending to my couples to buy a special scent just for their wedding day. Then on your anniversary or date night you can wear it and it’ll bring back the most amazing memories of your wedding day!


5. Jewelry

Besides your rings, I love capturing other jewelry you will be wearing on your wedding day! Maybe it is your something old or something blue? Anything to earrings, watches, your hair pieces, and necklaces!


6. Vow Books

Something that has definitely been a new trend is writing your own vowels instead of the traditional ones. A cute idea is to purchase his and her vow books! They look cute and are a great way to keep track of those vowels for your big day.


7. Bouquets/Boutonnieres

Having your flower bouquets and your grooms boutonnieres are a great touch! It allows photographers to really capture the beauty that your florist made for you. You chose your florist for a reason and I love to be able to spend some extra time capturing the detail and hard work they put into your florals.


8. Extra Florals

Honestly this is probably the biggest game changer when it comes to your details! Ask your florist to bring some loose florals to use in your details. It is a great way to feature their blooms but also make your details look high end!

Feel free to look more on my blog and instagram for more examples of fun details that you can include on your wedding day!

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