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Ask The Pro| Tips from a Florist

If you didn’t know already wedding florals are one of my absolute favorite wedding details of the entire day. From a photography aspect they can take your photos from great to high end/luxury. When it comes to your wedding day budget besides photography, I always suggest putting more money into your florals. Besides your dress, hair and makeup, they are the one thing that will be in almost all of your photos. Also sometimes when it comes to decorating and details for your ceremony space, some gorgeous florals is all it needs. I know that florals are a one time use, but your photos will thank you later!

In this blog you are going to find some amazing tips from Afton who is a local florist here in the Central Florida area! Located in the Space Coast area but she does travel. She is the owner of Fern and Curl Designs and does absolutely amazing work. Afton is so down to earth and authentic which is why I love her. She will be honest about your floral expectations which is how she loves and serves her couples. but will help you make your floral dreams come to life! Here are her top tips for brides to be when thinking about your wedding day florals!

  1. Focus on COLOR – not particular types of flowers. Flowers have seasons and you cannot make Mother Nature produce flowers magically. There’s a season for peony, there’s a season for gold mums, they are not available year round!
  2. Actually USE color! Don’t be scared to use color! Yellows, purples, blues – make fun color combos! Peach, mint, and yellow. Burgundy, yellow, orange. Blue, purple, burgundy. Purple, yellow, grey. Tropical combos are always a favorite of mine. Step outside the box!
  3. On a budget? Repurpose! Reuse that arch arrangement for your sweetheart table OR centerpieces. Reuse the bridesmaids bouquets for centerpieces (I’ve done it!). Aisle arrangements to decorate the guestbook table or cake table.
  4. If you want cake flowers, show us a photo so we know what to plan for. If you want a waterfall of flowers, please understand that’s going to cost.
  5. Peony, orchids, anemones, garden roses, are the first few flowers that come to mind when thinking premium flowers – that means they expensive! Know that when trying to explain peony are your must have flower (also refer to above if you can get peony in your season).
  6. Hydrangeas hate the heat – please don’t ask for them May – August. They will wilt and die in arch arrangements and are scary even in bouquets.
  7. If you think you love baby’s breath, give wax flower a chance (doesn’t smell like wet dog and has a wooded stem which is sturdier than the baby’s breath. Also has a nice lemony scent)
  8. PLEASE tell us if anyone is allergic to anything.
  9. It is YOUR day – not your mom’s or MIL.
  10. I’m not sure if other florists do this but with my bouquets, there is always a ‘front’ and the back is portrayed with the pins. Wherever the pins are in the handle of the bouquet, that’s where your thumbs go.
  11. If you have succulents in your bouquet or your girls, for the love of Pearl, PLEASE do not shake them like a salt shaker or a ball bat. Your florist will be able to tell in photos/if they’re actually present at the wedding.

If you are an #AKCouple you will never have to worry about this because I will do this for you, but something to remind your photographers of is to make sure you are sending your vendors your gallery! They work so incredibly hard for their brides and the only pictures that they see of the final product is from your gallery. It is a small gesture that they all really love and appreciate!

Feel free to jump on over to Afton’s pages and show her some love! Her works is amazing!

Instagram| @fernandcurldesigns

Facebook| Fern and Curl Designs

Website| Fern and Curl Designs


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