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Downtown Engagement|Rebecca & Jason|Tampa, FL

It had been raining for days here in Florida. The temperature was dropping and the wind was starting to pick up. As a huge storm started rolling it, I starred out the window praying for a miracle because I knew a special engagement session was suppose to happen that evening. As Rebecca and I started chatting she insisted on trying to still fit in their session. She was determined and to be honest I was nervous lol. So as I started my journey down to Tampa the storm continued to get worse. I could barely see the car that was in front of me, it was so bad. As I got closer to the city the storm slowly started to slow down, and when I finally was greeted by Rebecca & Jason with their umbrella ready to go out into the rain, the rain let up. The clouds started to move and the sun was starting to peer out around the tall downtown buildings.

Jason & Rebecca have that fun contagious love. Ya know the love that is just so infectious you can’t help but smile at them. Which is to be expected when you are about to marry your best friend.

Their love story is one of a kind. I don’t know about anyone else but I know when my friends tell me they want to set me up on a date with someone, I immediately want to run lol. Well that is exactly what their friends did to them. I should have known from how much fun they are as a couple that their first date was going to be just as fun, and by fun I mean Rebecca determined to get drunk and ride rollercoasters all day at Universal, finishing with Jason driving her home. Ever since then they have been inseparable. It is a story that I imagine that will make them smile for the rest or their legacy.

Rebecca & Jason,

I could not be any happier to have you a part of my #AKCouple family. Your relationship is prime example of what my couples stand for. I literally can not wait for your big day! I know it is going to be absolutely amazing just like the both of you. Enjoy this time of being engaged because before you know it, you will be husband and wife!!  Talk to you soon!! xoxo

with Love,


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