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First Look or No First Look

From hundreds of years in the wedding industry, couples have stuck to tradition. As time evolves, more and more couples are creating their own and new traditions. One of the big ones that has made its way to the front over the years is doing a “first look”.  The couple sets a time before the wedding to see each other just the bride and the groom, no one else. I have heard many times couples concerns on doing a first look so I’m going to talk about the pros of doing one, because really there aren’t any cons to doing one!

Most of the concerns I hear from brides are that they don’t want to ruin the aisle moment. The moment where her groom sees her for the first time all dressed up. Guys I totally get it! To be honest before I was a photographer I was totally against doing a first look. But as I have done more and more weddings, first looks are just becoming some of my favorite moments of the wedding, and when I get married someday, I will be doing a first look! It is a total misconception that a first look will ruin your aisle moment, it actually does the complete opposite!

First look with bride and groom

Tiffany & Doug were hesitant of doing a first look. This was Doug’s reaction!

You see a first look is more an intimate moment with just the two of you. You don’t have all your guests staring at you as you are so nervous walking down not knowing where to look because it can be all super overwhelming. Doing a first look allows the two of you to calm your nerves, take a time just the two of you and soak it all in! Your wedding day is about the two of you and your love story, so having a moment to just yourselves is so important because the rest of the day you will be surrounded by all the ones who love you most.

Brides reaction during their first look

Tiffany’s reaction!

Then when you walk down the aisle, your nerves will be slightly calmed and you can truly enjoy every second of that walk down the aisle, and if I’m being honest that moment is heightened because of the first look. So trust me it won’t be ruined, you’ll get double the reactions from your groom! Not every groom is cryer and that is totally okay! So don’t think for a second that if you don’t get this same reaction your moment won’t be special because it will be, because it will be yours.

Bride and Grooms reaction walking down the aisle

Tiffany & Doug’s aisle reaction.

Besides the pros of having that very personal intimate moment with each other, there are many other pros to doing a first look. It allows you to do all most all of your photos before the ceremony and allows a lot more flexibility in your timeline! That way after the ceremony you just have family photos and just a few of those gorgeous sunset husband and wife photos then you can actually go and enjoy your cocktail hour with your family and friends. Without a first look, your photos will be done after the ceremony. Also, a first look could possibly mean more photos depending on your photographer (wink wink 🙂 ).

a wedding day first touch

Taylor & Anesu’s first touch!

If you are a couple that really wants to stick to tradition, it is totally okay and I am here for it! This is your wedding day and I am your biggest cheerleader! Another great option you can do is a “first touch”. This moment allows you to have a moment together without actually seeing each other. A first touch is usually done close to the ceremony start time where you can just have a moment to yourselves.

Some other fun aspects you can add to your wedding day to make it yours are a first look with your bridesmaids or with the bride’s father! These are just some fun ways to make your wedding day a little extra special if those fit your personality. The father and bride first looks are some of my favorite as well. Nothing makes me cry harder then seeing my bride’s father see his daughter all dressed up on her wedding day for the first time!

first look with bridesmaids

Taylor’s first look with her bridesmaids!

first look with father of the bride

Ariana and her father’s first look!

See what Ariana had to say about her first look with her father!

” That first look with my meant more to us that most people. It showed a father daughter bond that so strong with time. A bond that I am so fortunate to have. When I saw him standing there, I thought how truly blessed I was to have a man that took me as his own child and raised me to be a good human being. That moment was so special.”- Ariana

At the end of the day you guys, this is your wedding day! Have fun with it make it your own! Whatever you choose it will be the most perfect day because it is yours. These moments and emotions are something that are so priceless and when you look at your wedding album years down the line you will be look back and relieve all these feelings all over again.


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