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Ft. Myers, Florida Wedding

January 13th, 2018

Chelsea & Danny Vecchio Wedding

It was a cold crisp Saturday in Ft. Myers, Florida. Even though it was a little chilly for us Floridians, it was nothing short of perfect for the newly weds special day. Chelsea and I first met back in 2008 back when we were freshman back in college. We were on the same soccer team and roommates. As time went by she transferred and we took our life in separate ways. Here we are 10 years later, I’m watching her marry her other half!

As Chelsea and I were walking around the venue I had asked her how her and Danny met. She told me that they used to go to high school together. That back in the day she was the athlete and he was a trumpet player and they hung out with different crowds. Fast forward years later…..One day she was out having a drink with her friend and saw him from across the room. She ended up approaching him and he immediately recognized her. Basically from that moment even through the long distance and the moves, it was history for this special couple.

I was so excited when they told me that they wanted to do a first look with each other before the wedding. I love being able to see couples interact with each other away from all of the guests. It’s a very special moment.  The moment when he turned around to see his bride, his face lit up with happiness and joy. The couple couldn’t stop smiling and laughing with each other. The love and passion they had for each other was all over their faces. The pure excitement was so contagious! I could tell that not only were they so in love but they were each other’s best friend.

As I was waiting for the Ft. Myers wedding to start so many of their friends and family had asked if I knew how they met. Everyone was so excited that years down the line Danny was finally able to marry his high school crush. It was a blessing to be surrounded by two families that loved these two so much. This love, the love that Chelsea and Danny have for each other is a kind of love that will take them the distance in this crazy journey together. I feel so honored to have been able to witness your special day and capture these moments for a lifetime for you. Congrats Danny & Chelsea!! Never stop laughing with each other and finding ways to make each other smile

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