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Osceola Golf Course Wedding| Summer & Bailey| Pensacola, FL

8 years of being together, the time starts to blur together and you lose track of time. That didn’t make Bailey any less excited to marry his best friend, the love of his life. Summer was his high school sweetheart and even though she may not have been sure about him in the beginning, these two are each others other half.

They could not asked for a more perfect day to get married. The sun was shining with these big white fluffy clouds in the sky. It was 75 out with a slight breeze that rustled the big trees that were surrounding us.

Anytime anyone ever talks about Summer and Bailey say how kind and genuine they and it is so true! Summer is so selfless and just loves and really cares so much. Her heart is kind and pure. Bailey constantly puts Summer needs before his and makes sure she is always happy. Their love is playful and they love to give each other a hard time.

And that kind of love? Well that is a love love that any couple would be blessed to have.

Summer & Bailey,

It seems like yesterday we were out on the beach in what seemed like a 100 degree weather shooting your engagement photos lol.  Your wedding day was so special and I feel extremely blessed and honored that you chose me to capture it. I am so excited to watch you guys continue to grow as a now married couple!! If you are ever in Orlando let me know!! Love ya guys!! xoxo

With Love,


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  1. Beth McGowan says:

    Oh my goodness how beautiful. I am still so upset that I missed it. I knew when you guys were in high school, that you would spend the rest of your life together. I know you will have an amazing life together. I love you both.

  2. Holly Woodward says:

    You are stunning Summer. And Bailey you looked so handsome. You guys are blessed with each other. Love you both♥️

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