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Posing Tricks to Look Your Best With Any Camera!

Alright guys…..I know the struggle. The struggle of taking a dozen photos to maybe get just one of two that feel that you love. I get it. I’ve been there! I’m going to teach you just a few of my posing tricks that I have learned to help you look your best in just every day photos, no matter what camera is being used.

So let’s start with the guys! I’m sure a lot of men do not like admitting to any insecurities when it comes to taking pictures, but from what I have learned there are a few things they worry about. Men it is okay to want to look good in photos lol. Commonly I notice then men want to stand with their feet completely touching which in returns make them look awkward honestly. So the first step guys, is going to be squaring your body and putting your feet shoulder width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other to give you those broad shoulders. Your ladies will appreciate this *wink wink*. The next step is to do something with those hands. The best bet is to just put in one of your pockets if you are doing a full length shot or if you don’t have pockets you could grab onto your jacket or even around your lady. A lot of times, we don’t know what to do with our hands and they usually stiffen up lol. That goes for both the guys and girls.

Ladies so I know for me the things I look at in pictures of myself are my arms, waist, and my face. I see a lot of women putting that hand on the hip which is great! It creates that space between our arm and our body and really helps with not making our arm look bigger than it really is. But most are standing squared to the camera which still shows all of your body. So, the trick is to stand at a 45 degree angle! Then what you want to do is have your toes touching and then pop that front hip to give you that great shape. Put that hand high up on your hip and lean forward slighting at the waist to make sure we don’t have any double chins.

Let’s talk selfies or close ups! So the biggest thing about taking a selfie is the height at which you hold the camera. People tend to hold the camera at a lower angle to where they are looking down when they are taking the picture. That will give any person a double chin regardless if you even have one or not lol NOT FLATTERING. Instead try holding your camera at a higher angle or head level. That way your are looking slightly higher and it is stretching out your neck and giving you that slimmer look.

Finally, what we can do to look better when taking a picture with someone standing text to you like your significant other. Something I learned from another wedding pro (Amy & Jordan Photography)  is something I like to call “belly button to hip bone”. Ladies what you are going to do is take your belly button to your man’s hip bone. That gives you a nice sliver effect basically cutting your body in half LOL. Then both of you will go into your main stance. Guys put that hand in your pocket and the other wrapped tightly around your chick. Girls, pop that front foot and put your hand high up on your hip and slightly lean forward.  If you are same sex couple, both of you do the same pose that fit you!

Hopefully this information was helpful for your everyday photos! Just these few adjustments can help better flatter any body type! I want to say thank you to Amanda & Kevin for letting me use them as models to demonstrate these posing adjustments. Regardless of their angles they are one stunning couple and look dapper!

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