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4 Reasons Why I Love Long Veils

Veil toss

When planning your big day there is all so much to think about! To little details, to the big ones. What colors you should pick for your big day or how you should wear your hair. One of my favorite details that varies between every bride is whether they choose a veil or not. Some go big with the cathedral veil or some go short and simple. Others may choose to do none at all and wear a headpiece. Today I am giving you my top 4 reasons as to why I love a long veil!

Beach wedding


They Flatter Every Bride

You read it right! Long cathedral veils can flatter every bride. Doesn’t matter the fit of your dress, if it is strapless or had spaghetti straps. They can flatter the shape of your arms or your waist. You can wear it with every hair style, and it doesn’t matter the location of your wedding. Rustic chic styled wedding? No problem. What about a downtown wedding? Yep you can rock it there as well. Talk about a statement piece that is made for your wedding day!



The Veil Swoop

The veil swoop alone is probably a good enough reason to go with a cathedral veil. It is one of the images that my #AKCouples talk about wanting on their big day. It is intimate and romantic and the only way to deliver this image is with a longer veil!


The Veil Dip

The veil dip or the veil toss is the number one reason my brides love to wear a long veil. It is a image that brings some much drama but it is just so elegant at the same time. The longer the veil the better! A long veil really allows the veil to create some natural flow which always makes for the most asked for portrait when brides decide to go big when picking their veil!


They are Timeless

The wedding process has so many amazing traditions, and veils continue to be one of them. I strive to create images that my couples will be proud of and images that will live on their walls or in their heirloom album. You deserve to have images that are jaw dropping and tell your wedding day perfectly. What is the perfect wedding dress without the perfect veil.

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