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5 Tips When Including Your Dog in Your Session

If you have been following me, you might quickly find out that I am a crazy obsessed dog mom! I have four Siberian Huskies and they are the loves of my life. I really don’t know what I would do without them. If you are an #AKCouple or a dog parent most likely you are just obsessed as I am which means they are way more to you than just “pets”. They are a real part of your family and your family wouldn’t be complete without them, so it just makes sense to include them in your engagement session or wedding day! Having experience with my own photo session that include my dogs and having shot many other couples and their pups, I want to share my top 5 tips with you to make your session go more smoothly when you want to include your furbabies!

1. Exercise them before your session.

If your dog is anything like mine they get extremely excited by new things and new adventures! Talk about wanting to sniff every little thing and wanting to pull you in every direction to check something new out. It can be difficult when trying to get them to sit or stand in one place when they are full of energy. Letting some of that energy out beforehand can help make them more relaxed and more cooperative during the session.

2. Pick a location that works for them.

This might seem like an odd one but it really plays a huge role in making your dog feel more comfortable and less stressful. If your dog can get anxious or distracted easily around strangers or other dogs we want to make sure we are picking a location that wouldn’t put them in those situations. The less distractions the better! Not to mention your pup being stressed out is going to make you feel stressed out as well and we definitely don’t want that.

3. Bring a helper.

I always suggest bringing a family member or friend along to the session to help out. They can watch your dog while we can continue your session after the pups are done with their part, and can help me get their attention at the camera. Hiring a pet care company like Fairy Tale Petcare is also an amazing option! They are pros at handling couples pets during engagement sessions and on your wedding day!

4. Come prepared.

Make sure to pack a couple items to help during the session. Bringing their favorite treats or squeaky toys will help in getting their attention towards the camera! Making sure you have proper leashes and collars is important as well even if your dog is comfortable off lead.  Also you want to make sure that you are bringing water for them, in can get extremely hot during the sessions depending on the time of the year. Can’t forget about bringing those poo bags as well just in case!

5. Have fun!

Don’t get caught up in the chaos if your pup isn’t doing exactly what we are asking of them. Have fun with them! Love up on them and just enjoy being a family and giving them lots of kisses. It is okay if they aren’t sitting perfect and looking at the camera for every picture, that isn’t a realistic expectation. If you want to bring any fun props or items to make it special, do it! Sometimes those photos where you are just playing with your pups and in a relaxed setting end up being my couples favorites.

Enjoy some #AKCouples and their pups! xoxo

Engagement Session with dogsKissing dog in photo session

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