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The Brides’ Regrets| Things They Would Have Different

Some of the best tips on wedding planning not only comes from amazing vendors but can also come from previous brides! Every wedding and couple is unique in their own way and there is no wrong or right way to having a wedding. After time has past, I reached out and asked past brides things that they wish they would have or haven’t done on their wedding day. So, here are the top confessions of brides that they wish they would have done differently!

1. Hire A Wedding Planner

This was by far the number one thing that brides wish that they would have done. Even if they didn’t need one for the entire planning process they wish they had the day of coordination. A lot of people don’t realize that when you don’t have a planner it falls back on the families of the bride and groom. So when they are suppose to be enjoying the day their family is off working their butts off to make everything perfect, which is fine, but they are missing out on all the important moments of the day and not to mention are completely exhausted by the time ceremony rolls around. Another point is that your parents and family don’t always see your vision when it comes to design, so having a pro know exactly what you are wanting takes away that stressful feeling of it not turning out the way you envisioned it.¬† Please also keep in mind that the venue’s Coordinator is not a planner. They work for the venue. So yes, as amazing as most of them are, they are not responsible for helping to set up and take down decorations, etc.

2. Hire A Videographer

I can not tell you how many times I hear from brides telling me that they don’t want a videographer because they think they will never watch the video more than once. I totally get that, but don’t you want a recording of the vows that you and your husband exchanged to each other or a video of the funny, yet amazing toasts your best man or father made? Yes photography can capture so much emotion through images and they can help you remember exactly what was happening at that time, but they are only a still image. There is nothing like reliving the best day of your life with sitting down and actually watching the reaction your husband gave when he saw you for the first time on your wedding day.

3. Wish They Hired A Better Photographer

Reading how many past couples hate or dislike their wedding photos makes me literally want to cry for them. Between just having images that are horrible or just not connecting with their photographer, they now have a negative experience on what should have been the happiest day of their lives. My two really important reminders when looking for a photographer. One, just because they have a camera does not mean they are going to create timeless images for you. Having classic, romantic portraits that you will be proud of and want to hang up on your wall, cost. Invest in your photos because your marriage is worth investing in! Two, just because a photographer charges a high end price, does not mean they will be a good “match” for your personality. Take the time to really find a photographer that connects with you on a deeper level. Out of all the vendors on your wedding day, your photographer is with you the most and basically right next to you the entire day. So make sure you are hiring someone you can see yourself being friends with!

4. Regret Not Doing A First Look

The first look topic that a lot of couples battle with whether to do or not. I could talk about reasons to do a first look all day lol. Most of the brides who regret not doing a first look said that the day felt rushed. They wish they would have gotten that alone time with their husband away from everyone and actually take a minute with each other to be excited about their wedding day. Not to mention walking down the aisle they were so nervous they felt like they didn’t really get to take in that moment and it was all a blur. They also talked about wishing they would have been able to attend some of their cocktail hr and unfortunately when couples don’t do a first look you miss your entire cocktail hr.

5. Hire A Florist

When the wedding budget seems to be getting tighter and tighter the first that seems to go is florals. Many brides think that it is something they can DIY or they purchase fake flowers. A pro tip, that florals are the one thing that will appear in almost all of your images and hiring a professional makes all the difference! Trying to do them yourself is also an added task to take on in the planning process and can be more stress than needed. I actually suggest making florals a priority because it really can elevate your entire wedding and reception space.

6. Don’t Hire Friends & Family

This topic is something that most couples don’t think about. Like why wouldn’t you want to hire friends and family on your wedding day!? Sadly when you mix business with family and friends, sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way you want, and ultimately it could not only mess up your wedding day but ruin the relationship you have with those people.

7. Invite Less People

To some, when first starting to plan a wedding they dream of having this big wedding with a large guest party, and after all it was said and done wish they would have cut the guest lists some! Some couples felt pressured to make sure they talked to every single one of their guests and when you have  a lot of guests that really can take away from the time you are spending having fun on the dance floor or even taken away from the time you are spending with them. Not to mention that is a lot of mouths to feed!

8. A Better Getting Ready Suite

When it comes to wedding planning having the perfect space to get ready doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal when it comes to everything else. The thing it effects the most, is your photos. Getting ready in a tight space can mean that there can be clutter that can appear in your photos. Not to mention you and all your bridesmaids and hair and makeup vendors are just crammed into a small room and it can make it extremely difficult and suffocating. The getting ready portraits for brides are some of my favorite and having a clean bright room is super important to get those timeless, romantic images you are looking for! Here are some tips on how to find the perfect getting ready location.




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