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Choosing the Perfect Getting Ready Location

There are so many decisions that go into your wedding day and too be fair there are a lot of little details that couples forget to think about! One that is really important is where you and your groom get ready at. It really is important and can make all the difference in your photos. The getting ready portion of your day is very fun and emotional. You want stunning photos of your mom putting in your veil or you and your girls popping champagne to match the gorgeous photos of the rest of your big day! Here are my top tips in making sure you find the perfect getting ready location!

1. Think LIGHT

When you are in search of your dream venue, ask them to see their getting ready suite! Most venues will have them right on location while some others may not. Also, don’t forget to ask what time you can arrive on site because some venues don’t allow you to be there all day and that can really effect your wedding day timeline! In search of the perfect getting ready location think natural light! The more natural light coming in the better! You want to stay away from rooms that are enclosed and don’t have much lighting coming through. Artificial lighting can really change the look of the photos, so we want an area where we can open up blinds and curtains to allow that gorgeous light in.

Choosing a getting ready location for your wedding day

2. Size DOES matter

Even though most venues have a getting ready suite, some of them are pretty small. If your venue doesn’t have a dream getting ready suite an option is to get ready off location! Some great options are hotels, air b and b, and even renting out mansions. When looking at rooms they might look okay in size at first but when you think about adding you, your bridesmaids, mom, mother in law, hair and makeup artists, and all your bags and clothes, the space can became very crowded very quickly! If you are considering a hotel, I would upgrade to a suite! It is worth it, not to mention it will give you the option to be able to have lunch right in your room. Another thing to consider is the drive from your getting ready location to your venue. You will want to make sure you account for the driving time. The closer the better that way you can make the most out of your time!

3. NO Clutter

When picking out your location, take a good look at the design and decorations in the room. You want a room that has light colored walls, with simple decor. Having a cluttered space can make it extremely difficult on me as photographer. Even with natural light coming in, if there is still dark decor and dark painted walls, it can still make it hard to get those clean images. Also you want to be proactive on your wedding day to make sure you keep the space as clean as possible so we don’t have any unwanted objects in the background of your photos.

4. Don’t forget about your GROOM

It is really helpful if you and your groom get ready at the same location! It makes it easier on your photographer to be able to go back and forth without having to leave that location to head to another location. Also with all the driving it cuts back on time that your photographer could be spending on shooting. If you decide to have two locations, having two photographers in extremely helpful! It really allows for more of a stress free day one everyone is in location so no one is having to be tracked down. Plus it allows for me to build some extra time into your timeline just in case things run behind.

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